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Just call me Zach. H Because I Finally made an OC. But I Now I Rarely Make Dissenter Sprites But I'll do them when it is time to.



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YeelonM4kyr's News

Posted by YeelonM4kyr - 12 days ago


Also Teaser Of What I'm Making.



Posted by YeelonM4kyr - 1 month ago

I've made a Bunch Of Shit Enjoy all of it.


(Jsoull) NG: https://jsoull.newgrounds.com


(Easlty) NG: https://eastly.newgrounds.com


(Crossfire) NG: https://0crossfire.newgrounds.com


(AirEyez) NG: https://aireyez.newgrounds.com


(Kilne) NG: https://kl1nex.newgrounds.com


(LK - Gross) NG: https://lk-gross.newgrounds.com


(Zach. H) NG: https://yeelonm4kyr.newgrounds.com

Got other shit in the works but i'm not gonna show them because yes, I don't know why nor how I made them but they look Cool NGL, anyways I'ma Die Goodb-



Posted by YeelonM4kyr - February 8th, 2021

I Should of made this Post a lot Sooner but I was either was lazy or not able to at the time, But there Done. Well Been done For a Long time now so I though it was about time I posted it as well just make a post in general ya know? anyways there one thing that changed about that pack tho that I think I should let you guys know about, and that is its private now, and I know that someone is gonna say along the lines of "why is this private didn't you say that it was gonna be public?!". Yea I know that I said that but the reason why its private is that I had to fix things and when I fixed them they were so good that I could let this go public. I'm sorry to the peeps that wanted this pack without talking to me, I know. but hey at least I made a post about them. I'll post aa Pic of the Boi's and just tell you how you get can them (which is the same way you get them like last post and every other post like this) just talk to me on Here or Discord if you want too, Here's my Discord "Zach HockerSmith#9713" anyways i'ma head off for now. I'll see you guys next time I post again. See ya!

Zach. Hiu_238082_7951306.jpg



Posted by YeelonM4kyr - November 21st, 2020

Yes my OC Sheet is Done, Why? I don't fully know yet, but its done so as a said about one or two post ago this one will Be private but you can ask me on Discord Or Newgrounds for them if you want them. But anyways that concludes the post see Y'all Next Time!!!iu_197877_7951306.jpg



Posted by YeelonM4kyr - November 11th, 2020

Howdy Peeps, So to get to the Point of this so I'm not making any filler to this post. This is the MC 9.5 Sprite Sheet that I made and this took a Really Long time to make but, Here it is so enjoy it as you wish.

FLA.: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/1b0a8575491bc4a9b5a01b0c45bb9210

SWF.: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/5e61f08d07f9ca83e68d81870f53a16b



Posted by YeelonM4kyr - November 8th, 2020

Alright so what I've been doing is a lot of things and all of them will be a sprite sheet. (Which all of them are still W.I.P and will get posted within a day to weeks after this post being made). there are three of them small to big and i'll give you a teaser of medium one because why not? Anyways lets get the pictures!!!

alright here's the first one which is the Smol one and will be private so just ask me though discord only here's my discord " Zach HockerSmith#9713 " and is a redo of my OC and Here it is and yes its in line tool I've kinda switched to that because i think its about time i switched to a Different style than always doing dissenter, but anyways this is a BIG improvement than the old Zach sprites that i did a LONG time ago. Anyways Next new Pack Picture!!


Alright here's the medium sprite pack yes this is cropped because its a MC 9.5 pack, yes I've redone hank a bit and I'm making the other as we speak with the new melee weapons and this one will will not be Private so you don't have to ask for it, Which is a Great thing! But were done with talking about this medium pack now for the big pack!!

Edit: This Pack is Done and when the others are done i will say that the Pack is Done and i'll Leave i Link to the Post that i've made for all of them in the Edit so Heres the link to this ones Post. https://yeelonm4kyr.newgrounds.com/news/post/1125904


I said i wasn't gonna do my own Nexus Core, but I said fuck it and I've making my own Nexus Core and yes most of them are done. They will look like there Madness: Project Nexus counterpart, Also and my Freindo Eastly is helping with this pack as well so fuck yea! plus this pack will not be private!! but i think that's it for talking about this big boi pack.


And that's what I've been working on while i was dead for who knows how long, but anyways I hope you have a good time and i'll see you when I post again. Take care and i will see you next time!!

- Zach HockerSmith

Edit #1: forgot to say this but my b-day is coming up soon so i'll do a post when that hits (Which is the 26th of this month)



Posted by YeelonM4kyr - September 22nd, 2020

Posted by YeelonM4kyr - September 2nd, 2020

Oh Boy I wonder what Hes Got now, Oh Boy.

Welp, I'm not dead just forgot this place existed but I got another Pack to drop (Because I'm only Good at doing that now.) its got some updated Sprites Here and there with some other stuff. But Wait! you may be asking your self "BuT yEeLoN wErE's ThE sPrItEs?????" and to answer that question its because this pack is private, so just ask me on my Discord and i'll give it to Ya? and if you're wondering Whats my discord? Just join my Server, Here's a link to a post that has the link to it.

This is it https://yeelonm4kyr.newgrounds.com/news/post/1108690

But yea that's it take Care in these times My Friends!iu_163502_7951306.jpg



Posted by YeelonM4kyr - August 10th, 2020

Alright to get to the Point i make my own Version of the AAHW in Dissenter and also two of them in Classic which is the First time doing anything in Classic But anyway you guy's Came Here for the Sprites So Here They are!!!! Enjoy them as Much as you can!

Dissenter .FLA https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/d3f40ae80a3ece916983e34ce6b81183

Dissenter .SWF https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/5a37eb055188cb495bb928b02b39eb1e

Classic .FLA https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/c4aa4a85f474c35c986c3f158a76f295

Classic .SWF https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/acb0ebe2956f57f83536c7ae3569ddf3

UPDATE 1: Fixed Issue when the .SWF was Importing Into Flash 8 it would be a blank File.

- Zach HockerSmith



Posted by YeelonM4kyr - July 29th, 2020

Yo just got My Discord Server Up and Running and I've just finished developing it. There aren't much people in it so it be pretty cool if y'all Hopped in it and said Hello. You may join at anytime you wish. Enjoy the Vibe Zone. thats it See You In there.

Update 1: Made a Link that Never expires

- Zach HockerSmith